International Conference
in honor of the 60th birthday of Michal Křížek

Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences,
Žitná 25, Prague, Czech Republic
May 2-5, 2012

Proceedings of the International Conference
Proceedings cover

Applications of Mathematics 2012

In honor of the 60th birthday of Michal Křížek
Edited by:
J. Brandts, J. Chleboun, S. Korotov,
K. Segeth, J. Šístek, T. Vejchodský
Institute of Mathematics
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Prague 2012
ISBN 978-80-85823-60-8

  Cover page   download
  Preface i–iv download
  List of Publications of Michal Křížek v–xxx download
J. Chleboun Michal's roses of Jericho xxxi–xxxiii download
H. Azari, T. Liu, S. Zhang Identification of parameters in parabolic inverse problems 1–13 download
H. Azari, F. Parzlivand, S. Zhang A mesh free numerical method for the solution of an inverse heat problem 14–30 download
J. Brandts, J. van den Hooff, C. Kuiper, R. Steenkamp From binary cube triangulations to acute binary simplices 31–42 download
P. Burda, J. Novotný, J. Šístek Analytical solution of Stokes flow near corners and applications to numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equations with high precision 43–54 download
M. Čertíková, P. Burda, J. Šístek Numerical comparison of different choices of interface weights in the BDDC method 55–61 download
X. Dai, L. He, A. Zhou Adaptive finite element analysis based on perturbation arguments 62–71 download
V. Dolejší An adaptive hp-discontinuous Galerkin approach for nonlinear convection-diffusion problems 72–82 download
B. Ducomet, Š. Nečasová On the motion of rigid bodies in a compressible viscous fluid under the action of gravitational forces 83–98 download
I. Faragó, Á. Havasi, Z. Zlatev The convergence of explicit Runge-Kutta methods combined with Richardson extrapolation 99–106 download
L. Kárná Carcassonne - description of the game 107–116 download
R. Keslerová, K. Kozel Steady and unsteady 2D numerical solution of generalized Newtonian fluids flow 117–126 download
S. Korotov On conforming nonobtuse tetrahedralizations of some cylindrical-type domains 127–133 download
Q. Lin, H. Xie A multilevel correction type of adaptive finite element method for Steklov eigenvalue problems 134–143 download
Q. Lin, D. Xu, S. Zhang Uniform L1 error bounds for semi-discrete finite element solutions of evolutionary integral equations 144–162 download
P. Louda, K. Kozel, J. Příhoda On using artificial compressibility method for solving turbulent flows 163–172 download
L. Ludwig, H.-G. Roos Superconvergence for convection-diffusion problems with low regularity 173–187 download
N. Madden, M. Stynes A curious property of oscillatory FEM solutions of one-dimensional convection-diffusion problems 188–196 download
I. Marek A sufficient condition for non-oscillatory behavior of some input/output models 197–202 download
P. Pořízková, K. Kozel, J. Horáček Numerical comparison of unsteady compressible viscous flow in convergent channel 203–213 download
V. Pravda Algebraic classification of the Weyl tensor: selected applications 214–223 download
A. Pravdová Algebraic classification of the Weyl tensor 224–235 download
B. Riečan A strengthening of the Poincaré recurrence theorem on MV-algebras 236–242 download
K. Segeth Smooth approximation and its application to some 1D problems 243–252 download
J. Šístek, J. Mandel, B. Sousedík Some practical aspects of parallel adaptive BDDC method 253–266 download
L. Somer My twelve years of collaboration with Michal Křížek on number theory 267–277 download
T. Vejchodský Computing upper bounds on Friedrichs’ constant 278–289 download
J. Vondrák New model of precession, valid in time interval 400 thousand years 290–299 download
N. Yan Boundary element method for convex boundary control problems 300–308 download
A. Ženíšek On Křížek’s decomposition of a polyhedron into convex components and its applications in the proof of a general Ostrogradskij’s theorem 309–316 download
T. Zhang, S. Zhang, H. Azari Finite element analysis for a regularized variational inequality of the second kind 317–331 download
  List of authors 332 download
  List of participants 333–335 download

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